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Moto Cross-Examine: Mike Alessi Phoenix SX

by Jessica Hudson

Mike Alessi talks about holeshots and talking with the media at Phoenix Supercross Press Day.


Jessica: I’ve got Mike Alessi right here with me. Last weekend you and your team was out in Anaheim, how did you feel about your outcome?

Alessi: I feel like the outcome was good. I got a great start; I got the holeshot, which always helps get a little bit of extra money, 1,500 hundred bucks. Being able to start up front, I rode good, I slipped back to about forth or forth in the first couple laps and I was battling with Andrew Short for a good portion for the Main Event. And then towards the end a few more guys got me and I ended up 9th and so that was pretty respectable first round for me being able to finish in the top ten in this stacked of a field. I felt like it was a good finish. I’m looking forward to this weekend in Phoenix. It’s going to be a little bit dryer. It’s going to be key again to get another good start and be out front.


Right! As we all have witnessed your holeshots are something that’s very common for you so as you were growing up and going through all of your training was it one of your key points to master your starts?

Well, I think as a kid looking back I’ve always been a good starter. I’ve kind of always been a little lighter than all the other guys but just my reaction time and just multiple practice starts that I do during the week, it helps pay off.

Does it bother you to have media and fan questions constantly? I can only imagine once Supercross season arrives and you’re having to keep up to date with every move you make with all the microphones and tape recorders surrounding you?

Honestly, you know it’s our job to answer the questions for the media I’m not going to sugar coat it. It is our job. It’s what we’re paid to do; it’s what we are supposed to do, and I don’t mind it. The media needs there questions answered and so they deserve a fair answer. As well as our prediction of how we feel about the weekend and how we feel about racing.

Awesome response with the understanding why media always has something new to ask all of you. Thanks so much and good luck out there this weekend.

Thank you I appreciate it!

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