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Moto Cross-Examine: Boyd Cole

Last November at the 33rd Annual Missouri State Motocross Championship Series banquet, Boyd Cole was presented for the second time the Jerry Sharp Award, an award given out to outstanding motocross athletes who show good sportsmanship and academic excellence. The riders at the banquet vote for the award winner and as Steve Halterman states, “Boyd is a perfect selection for the award.” To be considered for the award a rider must have one at least on MO State Championship during the year and meet strict criteria that are based on respect, sportsmanship, and kindness to others. But that’s not all, the kid from Osawatomie, KS also took home two championship trophies in the 85cc Sr. 12-15 and Super Mini classes. The 13-year old has many cool things going on, as his basketball team is 6-1 right now. How does he juggle it all and still manage to shine in everything he does? We talked to him a little about that.



Jessica: Tell me a little bit about the two Championships you took home within the last year?

Boyd: One went pretty smooth but the other not so much. 85 Mini was smooth and I was consistent with the races throughout that series, finishing around the top three throughout the series. The other Championship was 85 Senior and that was the one that was more challenging. It was hard racing with Tallen (Shiflett), but I managed to win the whole series by just one point.


What does it feel like to be awarded the Jerry Sharp Award for the second time?

It was awesome to win that award for the second time because I could show that I had good sportsmanship through my battles and that I was a respected rider. I also kept straight A’s throughout all of my racing so it goes to show the younger riders that it is possible.


What have you been up to lately?

I have been down in Texas but also racing at Freestone, Oak Hill and Swan MX.



Tell me a little bit about your personal life. I hear that you are 13 and you play as a point guard on your basketball team. Does this interfere with your racing at all?

Well, that goes back to my grades and how important it is to keep good grades and also what sponsors want. It is a lot to do and I don’t actually have that much time to always ride so when I do it’s on the weekends but during the week it gets dark to quick. My basketball team is 6-1 right now.


Do you plan to win any more Championships?

My goal is to keep practicing down in Texas and just to see where I’m at with all of the fast racers down there and then try to qualify and make it to Loretta Lynn’s 2015.


Do you have any sponsors?

Coach Ron Kasper; Fly Racing; Bike Graphix; Cycle Gear; Bell; 100%; Dunlop; NoToil; Maxima; PR2; ProTaper; ProCircuit; Nosnarb; Quality Tree/Boyd Allen; A-Z Mobile RV; Rickerson Pipe Lining; Cody Hallstrom Allstate Agency; Shay Fireworks and many family and friends!


Boyd it’s a pleasure getting to talk to riders who also know that their educations are just as important as their riding and I hope to see you out there in Tennessee at the ranch as well as any other races that are in your future. Good luck!

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