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Insider's Line: On Vicki Golden's Supercross Debut

Women are showing they are more than just Moto Moms, girlfriends, models, and thirty-second girls in Supercross. Last year, Vicki Golden became the first woman to complete Ricky Carmichael’s Road to Supercross through the Amsoil Arenacross Series. As a result, Golden will make her first attempt to qualify for the night show in the Lites Class at Arlington, Texas February 14, less than two weeks away. If she succeeds, Golden will add another first to her resume by being the first woman in history to compete in the Monster Energy AMA Supercross FIM World Championship night show. We asked some of our locals in the motocross community what they think about Golden’s challenge in competing in a male dominated sport. Give us your opinion below. 




 by Courtney Lemons

Vicki Golden pictures by Josh Rud/Shift One Photography

How do you feel about Vicki Golden, and is she an inspiration? Do you believe that Vicki Golden can make a Supercross night show racing in the 250 class? Do you think that fans want to watch a women try to compete with the guys?


Brett Cue

“Vicki Golden is an awesome rider, she has my respect for sure. She has and will do things on a dirt bike that no female ever has, and that is pretty cool if you ask me. It will be interesting to see how she stacks up. Depending on who ends up racing east, she could possibly make a night show. No matter what, as long as she stays safe, it’s only good for the sport.”

Jason Todd

“Anyone who gives it a legitimate go at professional racing has my respect. I think she probably sends a message to other women racers out there to try it. I haven’t ever had the chance to see her ride, but I’d be impressed if she made the night program. Obviously the majority of fans go to races to watch the men. This is evident from the amount of empty spaces along the fences during the women’s race at the outdoors. However, women have their own fans as well, I personally don’t mind watching women’s motos. The women work hard and deserve more support than what they get for sure.”

Travis Eck

“I think she is a great rider and for her to want to race Supercross means she is very determined about the sport and is striving to progress. I think she is a great inspiration to younger riders and she is creating a path for many young female racers to follow. Fans that are passionate about the sport will love to see her out there. I think she may make a night show it will be difficult with it being her first year attempting Supercross but it’s going to be about how fast she adapts to it.

Justin Freund

“I’m sure she is an inspiration to any female rider, but also keep in mind the resources she has available to her, she is a part of Metal Mulisha that has a ton of pull from sponsors and just unlimited riding facilities. I don’t think we will see a girl really have success against the guys until Hannah Hodges grows up and gets on big bikes, and by success I mean possible main events not wins. I don’t think she can make a main. I will give her credit if any girl can do it, it’s her.  She rides some technical stuff but she even said herself after getting to ride press day and one of the west coast rounds that the track is way gnarlier than she expected.”


Bubba Pauli

“I think it’s cool to see a girl capable of riding at the Supercross level. I personally have not seen her ride so I’m not sure if her speed is there or not. Best of luck though. I really think fans will like it, hopefully it will pull more female fans for the sport.”

Holly Hill

“Vicki is a great role model by working her ass off in the gym and on the track to compete with the pro men and shows that with all of her dedication, commitment and hard work the sky is the limit. She doesn’t let any negative comments get to her and continues to push forward. From being the first woman to compete in the X-Games best whip contest to being one of the first females to race Supercross is just awesome to see. I think Vicki will eventually make a 250 night show. I think the fans would love to see a female in the mix because this isn’t just any female. This is a female who is going to be aggressive and push the limits. I am ready to see her shake off any of the nervousness jitter bugs that she may have at first and kill it.”

Erka Winters

Vicki is a big inspiration obviously because she has done some pretty amazing things as a women in a man’s sport. Personally I do not think she can make a night show her first year out. Seeing my Gulley’s struggle to put up good qualifying times and making it in and they are by no means slow. Vicki take a lot of time and laps to get a comfortable groove and in SX as well as AX that time just isn’t there.  Sure I want her to make it but I don’t see it happening. I do think fans would like to see a women race the men. Little girls and people who don’t know much about racing will be amazing to see one girl racing, but if you come from this sport everyone downs Vicki because she isn’t a very fast woman as they would say, but to me or any other girl who races we see her as fast. I’ve gotten the opportunity to see Vicki earn her AX points she fought hard for her sport and earned it like any guy there. I hope she does very well in Supercross and doesn’t let what anyone has to say mess with her confidence. She has already won in my eyes when people said she couldn’t or it wouldn’t happen.”

Alyssa Purdom

“I think her love and dedication for the sport is very inspirational. I think she will have a good shot at making a night show as any other privateer will. I think the fans that know of her will really enjoy seeing her at least try but the ones that don’t may not like it as much, just like Chad Reed said “Yeah we will see how that goes.” ”

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