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Insider's Line: 250 East Thoughts & Predictions

By: Courtney Lemons

We took a second to catch up with some local supercross riders and fans to talk about their thoughts and feelings on the 250 class east coast rounds so far. We also asked if they had any predictions on who will take home the 250 championship title.

Brett Cue: It’s tough to say honestly. After the first round Musquin looked like he would go undefeated without a challenge, but that was quickly proven wrong. I really think he will end up winning the title, but guys like Tonus, Bogle, and Savatgy could get up there and win. Not only that, but guys like Colt Nichols, Kyle Peters, RJ Hampshire, Jordan Smith, Matt Lemoine and a host of others could be up challenging those guys at any time. There are so many good guys out there.

Mark Weishaar: Well it’s been a rough start for me, it started off on the wrong foot in Dallas first timed practice when I hit neutral through the first rhythm section and had to step over my bars that’s never a good feeling. From there I was super beat up during the week and not able to do much so just went into Atlanta with an open mind and then crashed again during the second practice, which didn’t help me because I was already hurting, but I still got up and was able to do one fast lap and at least make the night show. The past week I found out that I actually broke two ribs from my crash in Dallas, which explained why I was so sore and it would hurt to take a full breath. Going into this weekend I just want to qualify in a little better spot and get another good start in my heat race and just go from there. As far as the championship goes I think it’s going to be between Marvin and Jeremy, those two should be battling it out till the end.

Joey Dalzell: For the east coast I think Jeremy Martin is going to pull through, although it’s kind of early to be calling the shots. Meanwhile I am pulling for all my teammates racing east.

Bubba Pauli: The 250 class is stacked as always, it’s exciting to watch for sure, I’d like to see somebody new come in and get some wins. I’ve been working on bumping up my intensity. I feel good during the week, just have to bring it into the races and I’ll be good.

Travis Eck: The 250 east series is as competitive as it’s always been. There are many riders that have a chance to win but it’s looking like Bogel, Martin, and Musquin are going to be the top contenders. It’s only been three rounds but those three rounds are setting the pace.

Stetson Jentzsch: First off the 250 east coast supercross is getting pretty interesting but it’s all about consistency and that’s where Marvin may have an advantage for the title. He’s very consistent. Then you have Jeremy Martin who made a big statement in Atlanta 1, but I’m a Honda fan so I’m for Justin Bogle, but he needs to get that first win to get his confidence up. It’s too early to tell but I have my money on Marvin.

Addison Emory: For the 250 east I feel that it’s not as stacked as the west coast, there is more of the same speed private riders. I feel Marvin will bring home the title.

Ozzy Barbaree: Well, I broke my arm in Atlanta 1. It was my favorite of the two races I was able to do this year. From not racing much I struggled initially with the ruts. It is hard to replicate them on a practice track. My pick for the 250 title is Musquin.

Greg Gehrer: I got hurt in Dallas, I came up short on the back triple and broke my arm and dislocated my wrist. “How are you recovering from your injuries? When do you plan to be back on the bike?” Recovery is going well, a little slow with my wrist, I stretched a lot of nerves and actually can’t feel my palm and my last two fingers so just waiting it out and hopefully get feeling back soon. I plan to get back on the bike as soon as I can get my hand functions back. My goal is to be back for the first rounds of outdoors.

Justin Freund: The racing has been exciting behind the top three. I feel like Musquin, Martin and Bogle are a notch about everyone else, but the 3-7 battle is always intense. Atlanta 2 was my favorite so far but that’s not saying much. The first two tracks were very slick and boring to me. I think Marvin is a lock for the title. Martin will gain a few points this weekend at Daytona but Marvin is too solid week in and week out.

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