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Moto Cross-Examine: Marshal Weltin

Interview by: Justin Freund
Photos by: James Gingerich

Marshal Weltin absolutely dominated Oak Hill last week winning all four pro classes. I hit him with some questions so we could learn a little more about him.

Justin: Let's start with the basics, give us a little background. What's your story?
Marshal: I'm an Ubly, Michigan native, grew up racing Baja Acres and MPX. Love riding the sand and hitting big jumps. Been living at Club MX for the past two years, making motocross an everyday lifestyle.

I've been to Oak Hill before but never Club MX. Was the dirt pretty similar? Or did it take you a while to get comfortable. That Texas dirt seems to get hard and slick underneath with a little sand on top.
I felt right at home, instantly found a flow. I started my first Moto and passed into the lead on the first lap, and that helped me set the tone for the rest of the week.

How did the rest of the week go? I know you won a lot of motos.
I won 9 out of 11 Motos, but all were podium finishes.

What are your plans for the future? Are you going to try some outdoors nationals after Loretta’s or wait and race the amateur class at Monster Cup? I know that's turning into a big event that some sponsors really push.
My plan is to do the last three outdoor nationals. Unless something comes about!

Well good luck with that I'll see you there. Who is helping you out this year?
My dad is number one on the list, also Ride 100%, Alias, Bell Helmets, TCD, TLR Motors, EVS, and PR2 Suspension.

Awesome, thanks. Good luck at Freestone this week.
Thanks for the exposure! And good luck to you too!

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