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HOGWASH: A Load of BS from the Last Two Months

The moto paparazzi hits the scenes of Supercross, Arenacross and local races from February to April to capture awesome people at awkward moments.


So, what you’re saying is you think they should change the gate design in St. Louis to look like lil arches because it’s the gateway to the west?


Garrett Marchbanks is not recommending his plastic surgeon. Or, maybe he should go up a helmet size.


Don Collins did not say “Simon says,” Matthew Leblanc.


Oh look, another Ginger winning a championship. How original!


Casey Cochran worried about how is hair looks on the podium.


RJ Hampshire is the master of hand puppets.


Trying to make Short frown, but he just can’t do it.


It’s always cute to see dads bring their dirt bike toys to the races.


Brunettes have some fun too.


Not many people know this, and either does she, but it’s always been Dianna Dahlgren’s dream to become a lounge singer.


Nathan Hummel: Dad, I want to race.

Dad: You have a better chance of getting your picture taken right here. 


Bar pad motivation.


Duh! Who doesn’t?


I’m sure this provides miles of fun and is a great conversation piece during traffic jams.


How much you want to bet this dog’s name is a motocross idiom.


I swear, in St. Louis, they say Missouree, not Missouruh


Race face!


After all these years, Mitch Payton still likes to stare at dirt bikes all day.


Tiffany shows Justin Bogle that she can tickle herself.


Kyle Peters can’t do duckface without assistance.


Do you follow @gloryhog on Instagram too?


Superpumped because they think their picture is going on Transworld MX.


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