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Moto Cross-Examine: Benny Bloss

After playing phone tag with Benny Bloss, our schedules finally synced simultaneously and we had a momentous conversation about last weekend at Millville, Minnesota for the North Central Loretta Lynn Amateur Regional and what the future holds. Ok, maybe momentous is an exaggeration, but it was good.  Bloss, already madly training for the Amateur Championship at the Ranch that happens during the last week in July, is one of many top contenders for multiple championships this year. Last year, he entered the Ranch as one of the favorites in the B class, but a bridge jumping incident that resulted severing the bottom of his foot hindered his championship run. The only goofball activity he has in the works lately is his voicemail greeting. It’s one of those gag greetings that trick the caller into believing he has actually answered the call. I was not fooled. I swear!

Glory Hog: I finally got you on the phone. I know you’ve been riding a lot. Where you at and what are are you working on?

Benny: A LOT! I’m down here at Reynard’s Training Complex in Wellston, Oklahoma and just trying to get faster and get my fitness built up so, I’ll be ready for Loretta’s and the last couple of outdoors.

 Last weekend, you swept motos in the Open Pro Sport at the Millville Regional. Can you recap the weekend for us?

The weekend was great. I had a first moto within the mud. It was the first moto of the weekend, but ended up getting a pretty good start and taking the win in that one. The second motos were a lot better. Started to get the holeshots and tried to ride my own race and be smooth and ended coming up with three moto wins to sweep it.

 What happen down in at the Freestone Regional in the Open Pro Sport? I see you had a DNF and a DNS.

Yes, I had a very big crash in the second Open Pro Sport moto so I decided to skip the third moto.

 So, what are you, about seven and a half feet tall? Laughs.

I’m six foot five.

Every size has it’s advantages and disadvantages competing in motocross. So, what are those with being tall in your perspective?

I think the advantages are in the mud. I seem to do better just because my legs are so long and I can move a lot more better. And the rollers also, like the sand rollers at Millville and Freestone, I have more feet, more legs to soak up all the bumps. Even in the rough stuff. But I think the disadvantages probably are a little bit more. It’s easier for me to drag my legs in corners. I am a little more heavier than everyone else so that doesn’t help me on the starts.

You are qualified in three classes at Loretta’s. Have you decided what two classes you’re going to compete in?

I have decided to race 450A and Open Pro Sport.


Obviously, because you feel more comfortable on the 450 than 250?

Yes, and the plan is I am going to race the last three outdoors on the 450. We just figured it would be smarter to finish the summer out on the 450 and get ready for those.

Sweet! I guess that answers my next question is what are your plans after Loretta’s.

Just Unadilla, Utah, and Indiana. And from there go on to do the Arenacross and Supercross series.

For the outdoors, do you have any deals or rides set up yet, or do we have to wait and see after Loretta’s?

I think I’m going to be riding for the Cycle Trader team for the remaining races, but I’m not positive, yet.


Is bridge jumping on the banned list of activities this year at Loretta’s?

Laughs. I don’t think bridge jumping will be on the activity lists. I’m probably not even going to get into the river.

 I know you got a lot of people who are supporting you, so why don’t you give them a shout out.

First off my mom and dad, Cycle Trader, Rock River, Yamaha, Roost MX, VP Fuels, EVS, Fly Racing, Bell Helmets, 100 Percent Goggles, Works Connection, and I think that’s about it.

 Thanks a lot, Benny. I’ll let you go. I guess we will see you soon at Loretta’s.

Thank you. I know my voicemail got you by the way.

Laughs. You know I fell for those too many times to get fooled again. When I started hearing yours (greeting) it just didn’t sound right to me. It did fool me for about a second but then I caught myself.

Everyone that calls me gets mad at me about it.

Well, I also thought, should I even leave voice mail message. Who leaves voice mail messages anymore? Thanks again, Benny.

Thank you. 

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