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Bubba Pauli Goes Red

He’s been off the bike since summer nursing a knee injury from Muddy Creek. The week before, Bubba Pauli rode one of his best pro races ever at High Point with a 24th overall finish. As many season ending injuries lead directly into rehabilitation season, Pauli used the time off the bike wisely and landed himself a sport on the K1 Speed, BWR Engines, SSI Graphics team for the 2015 season. However, it may be difficult to recognize him on a different color bike. Courtney Lemons caught up with Pauli prepping for Monster Energy Supercross at Sweeney MX. Here we learn a little about our local hopeful and his immediate plans.

Bubba Pauli #282

Quick Stats

Age: 21

Hometown: Edwardsville, IL

Experience: Racing for 10 years


Courtney: What got you into motocross?
Bubba: A few friends of mine growing up had dirt bikes and I always thought it would be cool to have one. My parents got me a dirt bike for my 11th birthday I rode BMX a lot before that.


What is your greatest motocross memory?
Either qualifying for Loretta Lynn’s for the first time when I was 13 and raced C class, or racing 450 SX for the first time.


Do you have any advice for younger athletes?
Be patient and have fun with it at all costs. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, obviously take it seriously but still have fun at the end of the day.


What training techniques do you do?
I work with Drew and Brad at Club 57 mx training, we are in the gym and on the track every day.


What sacrifices has your family had to make for you to live this dream?
My family has sacrificed a lot of their time and money and dealt with my injuries and I appreciate everything they do for me.


Can you talk about your most recent injury?
This past June I crashed at Muddy Creek and tore my knee apart and due to surgery, I was off the bike for about five and a half months but I stayed positive and now I’m just focusing on getting back on the bike and preparing for supercross.


What are your future plans?
Racing 450 SX this year, due to my injury I will be starting in Dallas and finish the series racing 11 rounds. I am riding for the K1Speed BWR Engines SSI Decals Team. This is my first time racing a Honda and I’m pretty happy with the bike.


How did you get the deal with the K1 Speed team?
The Team K1 Speed/BWR Engines/SSi Decals team offered me a ride for 2015 supercross and we both agreed on the terms. I am really excited to be a part of the team.


Can you tell me more about the team?
The team was founded by Kyle and Brian White. They’re brothers that have been a part of the sport for a while and they put their heart and soul into racing. It’s awesome to see everything come together. There will be four riders this year. Two riders for the 250 class and two riding the 450 class.


What expectations do you have for the team?
I think a realistic goal for the team is to see a few riders in the main events each round and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a few of our riders breaking the top ten in the 250 class.


Sponsors for the 2015 season?
K1 Speed, BWR Engines, SSi Decals, Freeport Honda Kawasaki, Rekluse Motorsports, Fly Racing, Arai Helmets, Performance Electronics, TuBliss, Works Connection, No-Toil, MotoSeat, Evans Waterless Coolant,Yoshimura, RK, Excel

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