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The Insiders Info: Arm Pump - Remedies from Local Dudes

Every motocross racer has experienced arm pump. For some, it’s a brutal ailment suffered as soon as they hit second gear. For others, it’s as rare as red bananas. Either way it usually occurs during the worst time of a moto and makes our arms feel like a pair of useless empty bottles of liquor. Then it’s likely you fall down as if you are the reason those bottles are empty.

So, we put together some remedies or possible cures for arm pump. There is no scientific research or muscle anatomy knowledge behind our study. We simply asked some local fast dudes to give us their solution or cure for arm pump. Therefore, before you break into your Obama Care plan and schedule surgery with a knife happy doctor, check out the non-surgical solutions below that have worked for these local rippers.


By Courtney Lemons   



Matt Kretzler #358

I don’t really do anything before going onto the track, I just try to eat healthy the day of riding and do a lot of cardio during the week.


Justin Petrovic #229

I drink protein shakes and eat bananas. I also used to take pill called Hemo Flo and that worked pretty well.


Kyle Hussey #675

Cardio 6 days a week for 45-60 minutes.


Justin Freund #659

The biggest thing is to relax. Breathing is a big part of it also, sometimes you can get away with shaking out your arms while you’re in the air.


Michael Hicks #460

If I get arm pump I just rub my arm.


Adam Gulley #385

Just ride through the arm pump and try to stay loose.


Bink Lewis #119

I try different body positions, stretching and drink shakes that have lots of nutrients.


Richard Linthicum



Carter Stephenson #24

I just try to stay loose and keep the blood flowing. Staying in the right state of mind helps not get arm pump in my opinion.


Brett Cue #365

I have found that the best things for me are being well hydrated and stretching a lot every day, especially before you ride. Being hydrated is huge though. Drink water not only the day of a race, but the week before that.

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