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The Insider's Line: Most Common Mistakes in Motocross

Mistakes are part of being human, especially in the moto world. By pursuing and gooning we lean. However, a mistake in motocross can be painful and takes the statement, learning the hard-way to a completely new level. So we asked some of the world’s best supercross and motocross racers and a few local pros what they have notice their peers are doing wrong.

By Courtney Lemons

What is the most common mistake that you see riders make today?


Dean Wilson #15 (photo from KTM Website)

I think the most common mistake I see riders doing is getting mixed with the wrong crowds and losing focus on the goal they want to achieve.



AJ Catanzaro

I would say a lot of the kids coming up nowadays have a tendency to waste a lot of energy on the bike. With the age of scrubbing and whipping, to many of these kids are soley focused on that and waste a lot of energy doing it at times when it isn't necessary. If you're James Stewart that's one thing, but otherwise your energy should be focused on hitting your marks and minimizing mistakes.



Adam Gulley #385

A lot of riders sit down way too much.



Travis Eck#871

The biggest mistake I see is when other riders have their parents do all of their bike work for them. When it comes down to them having to do bike work they won’t know what to do.



Justin Freund #659

When they practice they just ride they don’t work on anything to make them better.



Kris Cavaness #191

Dropping the inside shoulder in turns.



Ronnie Ford #178

Not looking far enough ahead in the corners. You go where you are looking and have to look way ahead to achieve maximum corner speed.


Damon Gaggert #281

I’d say the biggest mistake with a lot of upcoming riders is not keeping the racing fun and taking a lot of the experiences we have racing for granite. A lot of riders are burnt out on riding and racing by the time they get to expert and pro levels. The riders like Eli Tomac growing up were actually kept off the bike a lot during there youth and once they became pro were ready to work hard when hard work and dedication were needed most.


Bubba Pauli #282

A lot of riders don’t understand how important it is to squeeze the bike with their knees.


Brett Cue #365

I would say that a lot of riders take things too serious. To an extent, you have to put in your work if you want to be good, but you have to balance it and keep it fun at the same time. You never want to forget why you started riding a dirtbike in the first place.


Mason Eck#810

The biggest mistake I see is the lack of riders standing up, and poor body positioning.



Trey Launius #45

One of the biggest mistakes I see racers make is not taking motocross seriously. I understand a lot of people ride just for fun, and that's fine, but, for example, so many people think they can qualify for Loretta's and they don't put in the effort it takes. Everyone likes to set big goals, and they let themselves easily get distracted. Everyone, including myself, is guilty of this, but some people let it get way out of hand.

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