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Race Report: Indian Hills MX Mid-America Motocross Series Round 2

The Weekend That Should Not have Happened

Columbia, MO  (June 10, 2016) - The Mid-America Motocross Series, presented by Yamaha and Big St. Charles, made its anticipated return to Indian Hills MX Sunday, May 29 for round 2 in Du Quoin, Illinois. As extreme rain conditions during the week gave away to sunny skies, the MAMS crew pulled off an impossible trick by creating near-perfect track conditions before motos began. Indian Hills MX regularly attracts riders from all over the Midwest and with over 400 entries, this weekend was no exception. Spearheading the storylines was a series newcomer, Drayke Sizemore’s perfect weekend in the pro classes, and Lance Kobusch’s flawless debut on the 250.

250 A Highlights

Coming off a round 1 250 A win at Archview MX, Sizemore Garage’s Drayke Sizemore led most of the laps during both motos; however, a few riders made him earn it. In moto 1, Bink Lewis grabbed the holeshot and led the opening lap. Sizemore stalked Lewis the entire first lap until he made the pass and pulled away. Bubba Pauli got around Lewis on lap 3 to take over second, but Sizemore was already feeling cozy with about a ten-second lead.  

In Moto 2, defending 250 A class champion, Mason Eck captured the holeshot, but Zack Hoffman snatched the lead in the long straightway. Channing Hunt was sitting third, and Sizemore in fourth was going into turn four when Sizemore slipped past the top three to take the lead entering the rollers. However, Sizemore was not the only rider on the move. After a mid-pack start, Michael Hicks clocked in and jockeyed himself to second and immediately battled with Sizemore for the lead. Hicks chased Sizemore all moto until two laps to go. Hicks and Sizemore were side-by-side going through the rollers, but Sizemore had the advantage and kept the lead. Then Hicks lost traction in his back tire and lost a great deal of time. That was the break Sizemore needed to take the moto and overall win.

250 A Top 10 Round 2

  1. Drayke Sizemore 1-1
  2. Theodore Pauli 2-4
  3. Channing Hund 5-3
  4. Michael Hicks 9-2
  5. Mason Eck 6-5
  6. Zack Hoffman 4-7
  7. Bink Lewis 3-8
  8. Gage Mast 7-6
  9. Travis Eck 8-9
  10. Tyler Richey 10-10

Open A Highlights

It was a duel between Johnny Moore and Drayke Sizemore in Moto 1. Moore fought off Sizemore for the holeshot and early lead. Moore led the opening laps with Sizemore in close tow, but Sizemore made a mistake in a turn and lost ground to the leader. However, it did not take Sizemore long to regroup and reel Moore back in, now dealing with lapped traffic. Sizemore eventually made a clean pass and took the lead from Moore to take the win.

The only question about Moto 2 was who was going to take second. This time, Sizemore did it the easy way – grabbed the holeshot and checked out. Bubba Pauli and Michael Hicks were in a battle for second while Johnny Moore was lurking back in forth. However, Hicks showed fatigue and faded. Moore moved to third. Moore ended up getting around Pauli too to claim the second spot.

Open A Top 10 Indian Hills

  1. Drayke Sizemore 1-1
  2. Johnny Moore 2-2
  3. Michael Hicks 3-4
  4. Theodore Pauli 5-3
  5. Channing Hunt 4-6
  6. Mason Eck 7-5
  7. Gage Mast 9-7
  8. Josh Mast 11-8
  9. Travis Eck 13-9
  10. Zachary Warner 12-11

Other Notable Standouts

It’s not often a Monster Energy Cup Supermini Champion shows up to a local race, but the MAMS series was treated to Lance Kobusch’s debut on the 250. On his last year on the smaller bikes, Lance will be contesting for the Supermini AMA Amateur National Championship at the Loretta Lynn Ranch in Tennessee this August. But he’s been flirting with the bigger bikes lately and dominated the Schoolboy 2 class at Indian Hills MX. He said he felt good about it and loves the power.


Nathan Hummel of St. Louis, MO, took two overall wins at Indian Hills in the PeeWee Sr. Stock (7-8) and PeeWee Open Stock. However, Austin Haas did not make it easy for the little ripper. In Moto 1 of the PeeWee Sr Stock class, Hummel grabbed the holeshot while Haas stumbled out of the gate. But Haas motored on to catch Hummel in the lead, and the battle was on. It came down who can get through the rollers the cleanest, and that was where Haas made the pass, took the lead away and the first moto win. Hummel ended up with the win in Moto 2 to take the overall.



Zayden Mason earned two overall wins in the 65cc Jr (7-9) and 65cc Open. Grant Sweeney held off his pursuit in Moto 1 of the 65cc Open class, but a Moto 2 win scored him the overall win. Mason cleaned up in the 65cc Jr (7-9) with a 1-1.


Paul Mahacek is enjoying an excellent start to the 2016 season. After picking up two-second overalls at Archview MX during round 1, Mahacek hammered down two first overall wins in the 85cc Jr. (9-11) and Super Jr (9-11) and claimed the points lead in both classes.


Isaac Ellsworth claimed overall wins in the 250 C (14+) with a 1-1, and Open C (14+) with a 3-1.


In the 250 B and Open B, Alexander Rudd claimed victories with a 3-1 and 3-1.


Chase Smothers may not have won any overall wins over the weekend, but he has shown he is on the uppity up by winning two motos in the B classes over the weekend.


The next gate drop of the Mid-America Motocross Series is June 26 at Sweeney MX in Park Hills, MO. This will be the first time Sweeney MX hosted a race at their facility.

About Mid-America Motocross Series, presented by YAMAHA Racing & Big St Charles Motorsports
In 2016, The Mid-America Motocross Series (MAMS) will launch its 4th season backed by our new title sponsors YAMAHA Racing & Big St Charles Motorsports and industry leaders Honda, Husqvarna, Yamaha, Kawasaki, KTM, Fly, and Holzhauer Auto & Motorsports Group. MAMS has become the preeminent amateur motocross series in the Mid-West by using quality race tracks and facilities, unmatched amateur prizes and guaranteed pro purses to draw the best racers in the Midwest and beyond. For more info contact us at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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