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Race Report: Muddy Creek Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship

Ken Roczen Fights Off Eli Tomac and Local Boy, Cooper Webb Passes for Wins at Muggy Muddy Creek

450 Moto 1

The climate wasn’t the only thing that was rising as the gates dropped for Moto 1, the battles were hot too. The number 14, Cole Seely darted out of the gate grabbing the first holeshot of the day followed by Phil Nicoletti and Christophe Pourcel. Seely lost the lead and dropped to fourth behind Nicoletti, Pourcel, and Barcia. That didn’t last long as Seely put in a charge to take back the lead and proceed to open a gap on the field. With 5th and 6th place starts, Ken Roczen and Eli Tomac had their work cut for them. Both worked through the pack picking off riders one by one until both Roczen and Tomac reached podium positions. Then the battle was on as both Roczen and Tomac caught up to Seely near the halfway mark. With the heat of the battle rising, Roczen snuck past Seely, but Seely kept Roczen at bay. Tomac briefly moved into second and attempted to pass for the lead, but Roczen took advantage of the battle to get back into the runner-up position and then he eventually took the lead and went on the win the moto followed by Tomac, Seely, Pourcel, and Peick to round out the top 5.
450 Moto 2

As the gate dropped for Moto 2, the number 20 of Broc Tickle grabbed his first holeshot of the season with Marvin Musquin and Justin Brayton in tow. Seely, Roczen, and Tomac rounded out the top 5. Within the opening lap, Roczen made a few passes putting him up to 3rd place, and Tomac followed in 4th. Roczen overtook Brayton for 2nd place and set his sights on Tickle. Tomac moved by Brayton for 3rd but by that time Roczen had control of the lead. Two laps later, he got by Tickle. With both Roczen and Tomac laying down identical lap times, Roczen maintained a sizeable gap on Tomac. However, lappers came into play and slowed Roczen down allowing Tomac to put in a charge and close up onto the rear fender of Roczen for the final two laps. Tomac was unable to make a pass on Roczen allowing Roczen to take the win and the overall. Tickle held onto 3rd finishing his best moto result of the season.

450 Overall Top 10
  1. Ken Roczen (1-1)
  2. Eli Tomac (2-2)
  3. Broc Tickle (6-3)
  4. Cole Seely (3-6)
  5. Marvin Musquin (7-4)
  6. Christophe Pourcel (4-8)
  7. Weston Peik (5-9)
  8. Blake Baggett (8-7)
  9. Justin Brayton (9-11)
  10. Justin Bogle (13-10)
250 Moto 1
With the crowd on their feet and the bikes revving, the 250 class was on their way. Adam Cianciarulo grabbed the holeshot followed by his teammate Joey Savatgy. The two teammates fought hard for the first few corners, but the crowd saw Cianciarulo hold onto the lead. Then Jordan Smith would make his way around Savatgy. Cianciarulo held control of the lead for the lap until he tucked the front end and crashed which opened the door for Jordan Smith to take control. Savatgy put on a charge and took the lead away from Smith and made the pass on lap 5. Cianciarulo recovered from his crash and battled back up to second. However, he would crash again taking him out of the top 10. Cianciarulo’s crash allowed the local boy, Cooper Webb to move up into 3rd place after starting 6th, and Web wasted little time getting around Smith for 2nd. Smith soon felt the wrath of Zach Osborne who was on a mission to the front of the pack as he passed Smith for 3rd. Savatgy cruised to his fifth moto win of the season by 9 seconds over Webb followed by Osborne, Smith, and McElrath rounding out the top 5.

250 Moto 2
When the gate fell for the final moto of the day, it was the dirty-thirty, Shane McElrath who led the pack into the first corner ahead of Ciaciarulo and Savatgy. However, Alex Martin sprinted to the lead, but a small mistake allowed McElrath to take it back and set the pace of the field. A little tip over from Savatgy gave the 3rd place position to Smith. McElrath and Martin opened up a gap over the field, while a battle between Arnoud Tonus, Austin Forker, and Savatgy unfolded just behind. Savatgy made a significant recovery from his early crash and raced back up to 4th. While charging towards Smith, Savatgy tipped over again dropping him back into 9th place. Webb was quietly working forward after an 8th place start. While McElrath was controlling the lead, Webb was working his way around Smith for 3rd on lap 11, giving him enough points to claim the overall. But Webb didn’t stop there. He passed Martin for 2nd on lap 15 and stole the show from McElrath grabbing the lead with about a half a lap to go and went on to get his first moto win and overall for the 2016 outdoor season. McElrath and Alex Martin followed Webb in that order. McElrath earned his best career outdoor moto finish and his first outdoor podium of the year.
250 Overall Top 10
  1. Cooper Webb (2-1)
  2. Joey Savatgy (1-7)
  3. Shane McElrath (5-2)
  4. Jordan Smith (4-6)
  5. Jeremy Martin (6-5)
  6. Zach Osborne (3-10)
  7. Austin Forkner (10-4)
  8. RJ Hampshire (9-9)
  9. Alex Martin (19-3)
  10. Arnaud Tonus (12-8)
Top 20 450 Pro Point Standings
  1. Ken Roczen 243
  2. Eli Tomac 196
  3. Cole Seely 151
  4. Marvin Musquin 136
  5. Ryan Dungey 131
  6. Jason Anderson 113
  7. Broc Tickle 109
  8. Justin Barcia 108
  9. Christophe Pourcel 107
  10. Trey Canard 97
  11. Justin Bogle 95
  12. Josh Grant 88
  13. Justin Brayton 79
  14. Phil Nicoletti 76
  15. Fredrik Noren 60
  16. Andrew Short 59
  17. Weston Peick 57
  18. Blake Baggett 54
  19. Matt Bisceglia 49
  20. Benny Bloss 49
Top 20 250 Pro Point Standings
  1. Joey Savatgy 205
  2. Cooper Webb 193
  3. Jeremy Martin 173
  4. Alex Martin 158
  5. Zach Osborne 152
  6. Austin Forkner 138
  7. Aaron Plessinger 131
  8. RJ Hampshire 103
  9. Jordon Smith 100
  10. Shane McElrath 96
  11. Mitchell Oldenburg 92
  12. Adam Cianciarulo 82
  13. Arnaud Tonus 80
  14. Martin Davalos 75
  15. Colt Nichols 70
  16. Mitchell Harrison 67
  17. Jessy Nelson 65
  18. Tristan Charboneau 36
  19. Anthony Rodriguez 30
  20. Luke Renzland 29
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