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Race Report: Liquid Nitro AX Tour Saturday Night Springfield

Motorhead Events Liquid Nitro AX Race Report: Springfield, MO

by Courtney Lemons

Springfield, MO (January 3, 2015) – Missouri got some high flying dirt action this weekend at the Ozark Empire Fairgrounds indoor arena hosted  by the Liquid Nitro Arenacross Tour.  It was a packed weekend with over 300 rider entries each night. The fans and riders enjoyed two nights of freestyle pro Brett Cue as he jumped the freestyle ramp doing tricks from whips to heel clickers.

Saturday Night

In the 250 pro class heat 1 division 1, Carter Stephenson (16 years old) had the holeshot then lost it to Cody Agler. Agler dominated the heat and came out with a strong win. Despite going down, Stephenson seemed confident for getting the holeshot.

 “I had the win in the bag, finally started feeling it and just came around the corner and slid out,” said Stephenson.


Double Vision Racing’s twin brother team dominated their 250 pro and 450 pro class heat divisions on Saturday night. In the 250 pro class heat 1 division 2, Aaron Gulley got the holeshot and won. Adam Gulley got the holeshot and came out with a strong finish, winning the third division of the 250 pro heat. The 450 pro heat division 3 was a continuing battle between the brothers. Aaron grabbed the holeshot then was quickly being followed by his brother Adam. The two came out neck and neck with Aaron getting first and Adam finishing second.

Brett Cue was also a guy to have your eye on Saturday night. After winning the 450 pro heat in his division and the over 25 pro main, Cue got first gate pick in the 450 main event and was feeling confident before the gate dropped.

“Yeah I had a pretty strong feeling that I had it in me, but the start didn’t really go to well for me,” said Cue. “I nailed my starts all weekend, yesterday I think I got almost every holeshot and then today I had really good starts and then in the main I got a little bit sideways and hooked my right arm on Aaron Gulley and it ripped my throttle hand off and that was it for my start. Once you get in the back in one of these races it’s so hard to pass. I came out of it safe and I had fun and that’s all I care about.”

Bubba Pauli was also a highlight of the night, as he won his 250 pro LCQ and 450 pro LCQ, sending himself to both mains.

250 Pro Main

Cody Agler took the holeshot and the win. It was another close battle with the Gulley brothers resulting in Agler taking first, Aaron taking second and Adam taking a close third place finish.

450 Pro Main

The same familiar faces ended up at the top of this class with Adam Gulley taking the holeshot and winning the main. His brother Aaron came in second place with Cody Agler right behind him taking home a third place finish in the 450 main.


The series will have its final race in Springfield, MO at the same arena the weekend of March 13th and 14th, 2015. But first the tour has several other stops including next weekend January 9-10 at the Mathewson Exhibition Center in Sedalia, MO.

450 Pro Results Top 10

  1. Aaron Gulley
  2. Adam Gulley
  3. Cody Agler
  4. Jason McConnell
  5. Ross Westhoff
  6. Mitch Gaylord
  7. Brett Cue
  8. Clay Elliott
  9. Theodore Pauli
  10. Zach Stephenson

250 Pro Results Top 10

  1. Cody Agler
  2. Aaron Gulley
  3. Adam Gulley
  4. Theodore Pauli
  5. Clay Elliott
  6. Michael Wright
  7. Jason McConnell
  8. Josh Miller
  9. Mitch Gaylord
  10. Ian Naccarato
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