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Race Report: Zach Osborne Wins First Career Victory in Atlanta


Zack Osborne gets his first career win; Ryan Dungey ties Ricky Carmichael and Jeremy McGrath for all-time Georgia Dome Wins with five to close down the historic venue.

After several years on the Monster Energy Supercross circuit, this was its final year at the Georgia Dome. A jam-packed weekend of Monster Energy Supercross and Amsoil Arenacross hit the Georgia Dome.

After an intense night of Arenacross, spectators began counting down to the Supercross night show.

In 450 qualifying, Eli Tomac and Chad Reed had the fastest lap times. Fans buzzed about the potential for Reed to nab a podium, and Ryan Dungey seemed to be still lagging with a 4th fastest time.

In 250 qualifying, it seemed like Joey Savatgy would be taking control of the event again with the fastest lap of 52.099. Other riders like Christian Craig and Zach Osborne trailed not far behind, making it clear that there was a potential for competition.

The pit party in Atlanta was massive. The indoor set up was perfect – fans packed the convention hall to hang out with their favorite riders and teams. While the riders finished up qualifying, fans wandered through the pits checking out the set ups and watching as their favorite riders prepped for the night show.

When the sun set in Atlanta and the night show rolled around, the convention center was deserted, and fans packed the Georgia Dome for the first gate drop.

When the first 250 heat took off, the holeshot went to Yamalube/Yamaha/Rockstar rider Dylan Ferrandis. Ferrandis was able to hold on to the lead for three laps before Pro Circuit Kawasaki rider Adam Cianciarulo took over. Cianciarulo would take the race all the way to the end and finish two seconds ahead of second place.

In the second 250 heat, the crowd waited in anticipation for Pro Circuit/Kawasaki Joey Savatgy to break away from the competition off the start, but it was Rockstar/Husqvarna rider Zach Osborne who took the holeshot and carried it all the way to the win. Joey Savatgy finished close behind, followed by TLD/KTM rider Jordon Smith and Autotrader/JGR/Suzuki rider Kyle Peters.

Luke Renzland, Kyle Cunningham, Tony Archer and Paul Coates battled tooth and nail for the qualifying positions in the 250 LCQ. TPJ Fly Racing rider John Short started the LCQ in the back of the pack after a clustered start and made his way all the way to fifth and was ready to make moves for a qualifying position when the checkers came out, narrowly missing the main.

Ryan Dungey reminded everyone that he means business in the first heat of the 450 class. He came out of the gate like a rocket and was untouchable the entire race. Reed fans were pumped for his second place finish and the fact that he looked like a real contender for the night event. RCH Racing rider Broc Tickle finished third, and Honda HRC rider Cole Seely finished fourth. While everyone was fast, Dungey seemed to be taking the sand section the best – staying smooth while maintaining his speed.

The crowd anticipated Eli Tomac jumping out of the gate and charging the race, but a tangle up would leave him mid-pack and leave Blake Baggett to take over the race. Josh Grant and Marvin Musquin worked to reel him in, but it wasn’t happening. Baggett would take the win and Grant, Musquin and Bogle would qualify alongside him.

Tomac found himself in semi one, along with Jason Anderson, Malcolm Stewart and Justin Brayton. Anderson would sneak the holeshot from Tomac and would dance out of his grasp. Anderson would charge the entire race to the win, and Tomac would qualify behind him, and Malcolm Stewart, Justin Brayton, and Nick Schmidt would also get tickets to the main. To the delight of fans, Trey Canard came out swinging in semi 2 to take the win and a qualifying spot. Dean Wilson, Justin Barcia, Mike Alessi and Vince Friese followed suit and followed him right into the main event.

Everything came down to the 16-minute long main event in the 250 class. As the riders converged on the first turn, TLD/KTM rider Jordon Smith broke out from the pack to take the lead. Zach Osborne put serious pressure on the KTM rider until he was able to make a pass on lap five, from here he put distance on Smith. Alex Martin passed Smith after a crash and him behind. Adam Cianciarulo was in contention for a podium when he lost traction and gave way to Colt Nichols, who moved into a podium spot. Joey Savatgy had a rough start and spent most of his race making up lost time. He made it all the way to fourth place but couldn’t quite make his way to the podium. In the end, Osborne earned his first Monster Energy Supercross win, followed by Alex Martin in second (making up for a rough season start) and Colt Nichols in third place – who had a broken leg before the start of the season.

It was Osborne's first career pro win win, but not his first win in the Georgia Dome. Osborne won the KTM Jr. Supercross Challenge here in 1998.


Fans were hoping for a Tomac vs. Dungey smackdown in the main event but were surprised when Tomac kicked off the 450 main in eleventh place. Dungey nabbed the holeshot and slipped away from Blake Baggett who wrestled his way into second after the start. Baggett got the crowd rowdy as he reeled in the champ, Ryan Dungey throughout the race. It wasn’t until midway when Eli Tomac began passing his way up the ranks and closing in on the top three. Tomac charged through the pack and made his way around Musquin (who also had a bad start) and Cole Seely. Jason Anderson was the first of the top three to give way to Tomac’s maniacal charge, dropping to fourth. Several laps later Tomac would catch Baggett and focus on trying to pull on Dungey. In the final laps, it seemed like Tomac might be able to catch up, but Dungey’s smooth riding kept Tomac at bay as he frantically clawed at the distance between them. Although Tomac didn’t catch up to the leader, he proved he had the skills to pick off the top riders on a difficult track.

Even though Dungey took the win, Blake Baggett was the big winner – celebrating a podium finish with the Rocky Mountain ATV/MC KTM team. Tomac would take second overall and gain some much-needed points and the champ got back on top of the box in Atlanta.

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