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Moto Cross-Examine: Chad Reed Phoenix SX Media Day

by Jessica Hudson

Two Two Motorsports/Discount Tire rider, Chad Reed finished tenth last weekend at Anaheim 1 for opening round of the 2015 Monster Energy Supercross Series. For sure, not the results he wanted but looks to the Phoenix round to rebound from a disappointing weekend. We talk to Reed during press day at Chase Field.



Jesssica: How do you feel about your Anaheim results?

Reed: Outcome wasn’t too amazing but as you can see, I mean, you take Eli for instance, fastest in practice, wins his heat and then twentieth in the main. You know, we had a pretty solid day, I felt pretty confident then the sun went down and suddenly we had issues. Just some issues that I’ve never even seen in all my years of racing. So, um yea not totally stoked on it but it could always be worse.

Moving on to Phoenix Supercross, do you have any plans as you have seen the layout of the track now that you have seen it?  Do you feel more confident?

You know it’s typical Phoenix; you know like when you do this year in and year out. It’s kind of like not a whole lot of elements change for Phoenix. You know, like it’s a controlled stadium with the roof so it’s not going to be wet or anything like that. So typically here, we always lack traction and it’s pretty tight. Therefore, those are the two things we try to work on and come in knowing that those are the things we need to work on. So pretty much the same stuff. We haven’t reinvented the wheel this week we have pretty much stuck to what we race with last weekend.


I’m sure you get asked so many of the same questions but do you have any advice for the younger riders?

Yeah, I think that something when I was a kid that I always wanted was to be the best and that you work hard at it. I was always committed as a kid and I felt like you had to enjoy it too, you know. That was the biggest thing; it wasn’t that mom and dad wanted me to do it to make money, you know. I mean, I grew up in Australia. My first professional contract was $25,000 so you know that’s not even an average wage. So you know it was never about the money. So, I think that they should first and for most enjoy what they are doing and make sure that the passion is there and I think that if the passion is there then they can strive to be the best that they want to be and achieve what they want out of motorcycle racing.

So, kind of a random question for you. If you wasn’t going to be a professional motocross racer what did you have in mind?

Well obviously, for me, I’ve been around motorsports my whole life. When I was three- and-a-half, I was on a dirt bike. So as an Australian, road racing was very popular down there. There was Wayne Gardner and Mick Doohan who were Moto GP champions. So for me as a kid, I always wanted to be the world’s best or compete against the world’s best. Nobody from Moto was achieving that goal. So at some point I was around fourteen, fifteen, sixteen,  I started thinking wow you know I think I need to make the switch to road racing because that’s my ticket out of Australia, not that I didn’t like Australia or anything like that, but Australia was Australia. Australia wasn’t world calipered people and wasn’t the championship I wanted to be involved in. So there was a stage where I thought man I want to go road racing and try to be Moto GP World Champion or something. Mom and dad thought that was dangerous which is crazy to me, but they kind of shut that down so I stuck to the moto thing and obviously it didn’t work out too bad.

All right Chad, well thank you much for your time and good luck this weekend out here in Phoenix.

Cheers! Thanks!

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