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On the Road to Loretta's: Jayce Pennington

Jayce Pennington has qualified for the largest amateur motocross race in the world, the 34th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships presented by AMSOIL at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Pennington took on over 22,000 hopefuls from across America to earn one of just 1,482 qualifying positions. Here is a little bio on our local hopeful.


Name:                                 Jayce Pennington

Hometown:                       Walnut Hill, IL

Age:                                    15 yrs

Bikes:                                  KTM 125 & KTM 250

2015 LL Classes:               Schoolboy 1 & Schoolboy 2

Years Racing:                    Almost 7 years

Years Racing LL's:            This year will be my 6th year

LL Number:                       #31



I'm always pushing to accomplish more. Winning the regionals is always good. Good finishes at nationals and beating competitors that I may not have beat before.


Sponsors or who helps you out:

Arai, VonZipper, Seven, Asterisk, Gaerne, KTM, Powerband, Tag metals, Pirelli, FMF, Nihilo, Real Ink Graphics, Headhunter Industries, Atv's and More, S.I. Motorsports. Ronnie Tichenor for working with me, Josh Woods and GPF, Moto E and Coaches Robb Beams and Roman Brown. My mom and dad, my brothers, my whole family for cheering for me and their support. My mechanics. Thank you to everyone.


What does it mean to you to be competing on the biggest stage of Amateur Motocross?

Honestly, I've worked as hard as I have to get here, so I expect it. Not that I have done it on my own because I definitely couldn't do what I do without my great sponsors and my mom & dad especially and all the support from my family.



What are you doing to prepare?

Riding, working out, trying to eat healthy


What is your daily routine?

To ride and workout


What is the most enjoyable part of racing motocross?

Being close to everybody, I think that it brings the families closer together but I also love the competition.


What is something people do not know about you but should know about you?

I'm quiet, I kind of keep to myself a lot. At least until you get to know me.


What has been your most memorable moment racing thus far?

Loretta's 2011, I believe it was, I was tied for 3rd in both classes and I crashed the second to last moto and I fractured a few vertebrae in my back and did the last moto thinking I was fine but I ended up getting 13th that moto and got 6th overall. But it was just a really good time with my family and friends.


What is the best advice you have ever been given and by whom?

From my dad, he asks me so many questions and I always gripe about it. He would tell me "knowledge is power" so after a few years I have taken that into mind and used it and tried to definitely ask more questions.


What do you believe are your key strengths?

I think starts are a strength for me. Lately my starts have been on point and I hope to carry that to Loretta's.


What motivates you to do your best each time you are on the track?

I hate losing. I don't put my all into training to get nothing out of it when I'm at the race. I want to make this my life so I try to take it as if it's my job now and just get the job done.


What have you learned from your mistakes out on the track?

I would probably say not to rush into things. A few times, I have tried to make passes too quick to get up front for a title and I crashed with another rider and lost it.


What are you looking for in terms of motocross racing?

Eventually going Pro.


Favorite pre-race meal?

I like to have PB&J with Robb Beams Energy Fuel! Not all the time but I would have to say it's my favorite.


Best bike you ever raced?

Best bike I've ever raced is probably my mod 250 that I have now.

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