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On the Road to Loretta's: Kevin Moranz

Kevin Moranz returns to the Ranch for the fifth year as he has qualified for the 34th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships presented by AMSOIL at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Moranz took on over 22,000 hopefuls from across America to earn one of just 1,482 qualifying positions while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and working a part-time job.



Name: Kevin Moranz

Hometown: Topeka, Kansas

Age: 15

Bike(s): 125cc, 250cc

2015 LL Class: Schoolboy 1 (12-16), Schoolboy 2 (13-16)

Race Experience: 11 years strong

LL Number: 46

How many times raced LL's: This will be my fifth year at the ranch.


Sponsors or who helps you out:

Letko Cycles KTM, Plumbingpluskc.com, JT Racing USA, Boliya USA, Scott Goggles, KC Moto, MX 343 Dirt Works and Track Building, Critterprokc.com, Midwest Extreme Park , Harolds Tire, Tamer Holeshot, PR2 Suspension, Flatland Racing, Cascade Dental, Buller Proof, Dunlop Tires, and Family


Top accomplishment(s):

World Amateur Arenacross Finals (Las Vegas) 2008 - 2nd/ 50 Sr. 7-8

World Amateur Arenacross Finals (Las Vegas) 3rd/ 65 Stock 7-9

Loretta Lynn's 2011 - 9th /65 9-11 Mod, 11th 65 9-11 Limited

Loretta Lynn's 2013- 12th /85 12-15, 16th 85 12-15 Limited

Loretta Lynn's 2014 -11th/Supermini 1, 8th Supermini 2


What does it mean to you to be competing on the biggest stage of Amateur Motocross?

To be competing on the biggest stage of Amateur Motocross means everything to me, it is what I work so hard for and I expect myself to be there.


What are you doing to prepare?  What is your daily routine?

My daily routine starts out with waking up around 6:30 AM every morning for weights and working out, usually get home around 9 and have a Ryno Power Protein shake along with some food. Then have to get ready and be at work around 10. I usually work until about 5 in jeans and a long sleeve shirt welding and fixing fencing panels all day outside. After that, I'll get home and either go on a run or ride until dinner, eat get ready for bed and restarts the next day.



What is the most enjoyable part of racing motocross?

The most enjoyable part of motocross is being able to be with all my friends/family and have fun while doing what I love.


What is something people do not know about you but should know about you? 

A lot of people are rather fortunate and get to live anywhere they want while training and riding daily with some of the best equipment on the market while I have to go to public school full time with a grade point average above 4.0 and working a part time job just to help keep me in this amazing sport. I'm not the kind of person to just give up even though I struggle more than most, but going to Loretta Lynn's for the 5th time this year in two stacked classes and multiple top 10 overalls in the past really makes me appreciate everything I have accomplished so far and can't wait to see what's to come.


What has been your most memorable moment racing thus far?

My most memorable moment would have to be when I was leading in Supermini 2 at Loretta Lynn's last year and was battling with the top 3 guys for a few laps but unfortunately clipped a tree and went down. I was happy to still finish 8th overall.


What is the best advice you have ever been given and by whom?

Holeshot, then win - Colton Moranz


What is the worst advice that someone has given you and by whom?

Scrub the whoops to go fast! - Jackson Hughes (pro practice rider)



What do you believe are your key strengths?

My key strengths are getting good starts and never giving up.


What motivates you to do your best each time you are on the track?

My motivation on the track comes from all my hard work I have put in so far and knowing there is no way I'm giving anything up now.


What have you learned from your mistakes out on the track?

From my mistakes I have previously made I have learned to never take anything for granite, to always stay calm, and ride your own race, don't worry about anybody else, just you, and don't hit trees at LL running top 3.


What is your greatest achievement outside of motocross?

My greatest achievement outside of motocross would have to be starting varsity football as a junior this year as a receiver while keeping a 4.0 GPA.



What are you looking for in terms of motocross racing?

I am looking to keep improving and gain support so I can later turn pro and pursue my dream.


Favorite pre-race meal:

Stir-fry with some chicken, vegetables, and rice, along with a banana & peanut butter, and A Ryno Power protein shake.


Best bike you ever raced:

My 2015 LETKO CYCLES KTM 250 F!!

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