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On the Road to Loretta's: Benny Bloss

Benny Bloss  has qualified for the 34th Annual Rocky Mountain ATV/MC AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships presented by AMSOIL at Loretta Lynn’s Ranch. Bloss took on over 22,000 hopefuls from across America to earn one of just 1,482 qualifying and is a favorite to win a championship.


Name: Benny Bloss

Hometown: Oak Grove, MO

Age: 18

Bikes: Yamaha 250 and 450

2015 LL Classes: 450 A and Open Pro Sport

Years racing: 12

LL Number: 33

How many times raced LL's: 4


Sponsors or who helps you out:

My Mom and Dad, Rock River, Cycle Trader, Yamaha, Fly, Bell, EVS, 100%, Atlas, Gaerne, VP Fuels, Roost Mx, Dunlop, Enzo, Renthal, Truck a Central, RTC, Works Connection, Maxima, FMF, Guts, Robbie Reynard, Ashley Phillips, Cory Clark, Pat Thrall, and the rest of my family.


Top accomplishments:

3rd at Monster Cup and 2nd at Loretta's.


What does it mean to you to be competing on the biggest stage of Amateur Motocross?

It means everything to me; it is what I have spent my last 12 years preparing for.


What are you doing to prepare?

Down here at RTC in Wellston, OK training as hard as I can to get my fitness better and improve my speed on the bike.



What is your daily routine?

Wake up, eat breakfast, then get out on the track. Usually do a day of Motos and then either do a bike ride or run. We then do a circuit workout, and then eat some dinner. Then after that we play about 90 games of ping pong (which I'm the best in the house), then go to bed.


What is the most enjoyable part of racing motocross?

I think the best time is when you are winning on a great track and throwing whips.


What is something people do not know about you but should know about you?

I love Taylor Swift and sometimes listen to her on the line.



What has been your most memorable moment racing thus far?

2014 Monster Cup for sure


What is the best advice you have ever been given and by whom?

Hit the corner faster by Robbie Reynard.


What is the worst advice that someone has given you and by whom?

Hit the corner slower by Robbie Reynard.


What do you believe are your key strengths?

Roller sections and whoops.



What motivates you to do your best each time you are on the track?

Anytime anyone is going faster than me.


What have you learned from your mistakes out on the track?

To not scrub too hard on jumps and never give up.


What is your greatest achievement outside of motocross?

Graduating high school.


What are you looking for in terms of motocross racing?

I want to one day be one of the best riders in the world.


Favorite pre-race meal?

Chicken and Rice.


Best bike you ever raced?

2015 Yamaha 450.

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