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Race Report: Nitro Arenacross Little Rock

Tanner Young claimed first win of the 2017 Nitro Arenacross Tour season during a thrilling, hard-fought weekend of racing in Little Rock.

Little Rock, AR – Tanner Young’s 2016-2017 season at the Arctic Cat Nitro Arenacross Tour, presented by Nitro Lubricants got off to a quiet start, but this weekend full of heated battles and excitement, Young avoided the hoopla and took the 250 Pro win Friday night. The Gulley boys split the rest of the Pro class wins amid the frenzy at the Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Coming into the main event, Logan Kustanborter and Adam Gulley won the heat races. It was Kustanborter’s first heat race win as a pro in the series. Drayke Sizemore grabbed the holeshot with Aaron Gulley in tow. It did not take long for the turmoil to begin. Gulley came into the corner hot after the rhythm section and tried to take the inside away from Sizemore. However, Sizemore was committed to the inside and Gulley hit Sizemore’s rear tire. Gulley dropped his bike in the rut; Sizemore came to a stop. Third place rider, Adam Gulley tried to cut in between his brother on the ground and Sizemore who was upright, but as he did, Sizemore laid down into Adam Gulley, and like dominos, the three rested on top of each other.

Tanner Young, Johnny Moore, Logan Kustanborter, and Ricard Jackson took advantage of the ordeal with Young coming out on top. Kustanborter rode in second for much of the race but fell back to fifth. Jackson moved into second behind Young, but could not make anything happen. Young took the checkered flag with a fender slap in the air. Jackson settled for second, but third place was still undecided. In the last turn before the finish line jump, like a ball of fire, Aaron Gulley caught Johnny Moore in the corner and passed him to wrap up the podium. Sizemore suffered a flat tire that his team believes occurred from the collision, and he rolled the Yamaha in for twelfth place.


Top 10 250 Pro Main Event Results – Friday Night

  1. Tanner Young
  2. Richard Jackson
  3. Aaron Gulley
  4. Johnny Moore
  5. Logan Kustanborter
  6. Adam Gulley
  7. Travis Eck
  8. Tucker Smith
  9. Leeq Chavous
  10. Lee Taylor


As the riders lined up for a new race in the 450 Main, it was clear some riders some riders had a score to settle. The most evident of that occurred immediately after the gate dropped. In the first turn, Adam Gulley took Sizemore high in the berm and cleaned him out. Adam Gulley was still able to capture the holeshot with Tanner Young in second and Aaron Gulley in third. Aaron Gulley passed Young on the third lap, and that’s the order they finished. After a last place start, Sizemore passed his way up to fifth. 



Top 10 450 Pro Main Event Results – Friday Night

  1. Adam Gulley
  2. Aaron Gulley
  3. Tanner Young
  4. Tucker Smith
  5. Drayke Sizemore
  6. Brett Cue
  7. Johnny Moore
  8. Logan Kustanborter
  9. Richard Jackson
  10. Lee Taylor


Though no transponders were used for lap times, it was quite clear Drayke Sizemore was the fastest on the track during the heat races. Perhaps motivated by Friday night's activities, he rode with ambition, but that did not carry over into the mains.

The controversy started this time right before the gate dropped. Aaron Gulley jumped the gate, but it did not give him much of an advantage because he almost came to a complete stop. Sizemore lined up right next to Gulley, had a front row seat to the gate jump. He did not take off right away because he was expecting the race to be red flagged. However, the officials let them race. Adam Gulley took the holeshot with Aaron Gulley in second. The race officials already decided to dock Aaron Gulley a position for the gate jump. Johnny Moore, who admitted he has not been on a dirt bike since last summer, was riding in third for a few laps until Tanner Young passed him to take over that spot. After starting dead last, Sizemore went into beast mode and caught the top three leaders. When the white flag came out, Sizemore was all over Young in a battle for third (really second). In the last corner before the finish, Young tried to protect his position by using the inside to outside line, but Sizemore cut down and beat Young to the finish.


Top 10 250 Pro Main Results – Saturday Night

  1. Adam Gulley
  2. Drayke Sizemore
  3. Aaron Gulley
  4. Tanner Young
  5. Johnny Moore
  6. Tucker Smith
  7. Logan Kustanborter
  8. Richard Jackson
  9. Kyle Porter
  10. Leeq Chavous

Top 10 250 Point Standings

  1. Aaron Gulley 280
  2. Adam Gulley 258
  3. Tanner Young 208
  4. Drayke Sizemore 162
  5. Addison IV Emory 137
  6. Logan Kustanborter 120
  7. Tucker Smith 113
  8. Gage Mast 91
  9. Cheyenne Harmon 78
  10. Kyle Porter 71


The fan favorite, Brett Cue grabbed the holeshot and had both Gulleys in tow. Drayke Sizemore crashed in the first turn. When he got up, he was last and did not seem to have the drive he had previously.

On lap four, Adam Gulley went to make the pass on Cue but fell during the process in the corner before the whoops. Cue looked back and saw he had another Gulley to deal with. Two laps later, Cue seemed to run out of steam, failed to hit the finish line jump and let Aaron Gulley pass for the lead. Tanner Young soon would follow Gulley’s lead.


However, all eyes were on Aaron Gulley as he was catching soon to be lapped rider, Sizemore. Sizemore made it difficult for Aaron Gulley to pass by cutting in on his lines and braking checking him in the corners. Gulley got around him unscathed, and Sizemore got the black flag for the incident to put an end to the heatwave on a chilly night.

Aaron Gulley came away with the victory; Tanner Young held on to second, and despite going down, Adam Gulley rounded off the podium in third.


Top 10 450 Pro Main Results – Saturday Night

  1. Aaron Gulley
  2. Tanner Young
  3. Adam Gulley
  4. Brett Cue
  5. Richard Jackson
  6. Tucker Smith
  7. Ozzy Barbaree
  8. Johnny Moore
  9. Logan Kustanborter
  10. Drayke Sizemore

Top 10 450 Point Standings

  1. Aaron Gulley 323
  2. Adam Gulley 273
  3. Tanner Young 188
  4. Addison IV Emory 156
  5. Drayke Sizemore 144
  6. Tucker Smith 137
  7. Logan Kustanborter 115
  8. Justin Kelley 76
  9. Brett Cue 66
  10. Gage Mast 65


The ATV Pro class may have had its lowest turnout of the season, but Michael Cataldo rode with a do or die temperament that delighted the fans.


Hunter Angell continues the lead the 250 Novice and 125 class points race of the series. Angell took home three wins from the weekend.


In the youngest classes of the Nitro Arenacross Tour, Greyson Russel of Ottawa, KS had an excellent weekend. Russel won the 50cc Beginner class on Friday and Saturday night. He also took second place in the 50cc 4-6 class on Saturday night behind Breckyn Mosley of Terrell, TX who raced the series for the first time this year. Russel lead the points series in both classes.


In the other 50cc classes, Aiden Benson swept the 50cc 7-9 and Outlaw in his heats and mains. He also won the 65cc 7-9 class on Saturday night.


It was not shocking to see Dusty Rader win the Mini ATV Advanced class twice this weekend. Rader continues to dominate that class with 67 points lead over second place held by Skyler Read.  Jhordan Brown got the best of Rader in the ATV Outlaw class. Mady Trower finished third and is the current points leader.


Alex Rudd continues to show why he was given the “Most Promising Rider Award” in Topeka, KS a couple of weeks ago. Rudd earned five wins in Little Rock and took second in the College Boy class behind Korey Teson. However, Matt Hannah leads College Boy and Schoolboy in the points race for the championship.


Brendon Gray not only took both 450 Novice class wins last weekend, but he also took home fifty dollars from FMF for the “Most Promising Rider Award.” Gray leads the 450 Novice class in points and is 44 points down in the 250 Novice class from the leader, Hunter Angell.


The other “Most Promising Rider Award,” presented by Nitro Lubricants went to Dalton Bushong. Bushong, from Grain Valley, MO is sitting in third place in the points series in the 65cc 7-9 class.

The next gate drop will be on January 20 and 21, 2017, at the Hale Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. Tickets can be purchased in advance online at https://www.nitroaxtour.com/events/buy_tickets  before the race or at the event the day of the race.



The Arctic Cat Nitro Arenacross Tour presented by Nitro Lubricants is owned by Motorhead Events, LLC.  The Nitro AX Tour started in 2007 as a grass roots effort to give MX racers a place to expand their skills indoors to get away from the harsh winters of the Midwest. The series has organically grown into one of the largest Arenacross Tours in the United States due largely to its over 600 entries per weekend and their award winning Intro shows and high entertainment show quality. Today the Tour covers eight states from November to March, pays out $70,000 in Pro prize money and entertains 1000’s every night.  www.nitroaxtour.com


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