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ROMP MX LL Area Qualifier | Gallery

Conditions on Saturday were perfect if you are a mud lover. Otherwise, Mother Nature is stilling holding a grudge over ROMP MX, host of the Loretta Lynn North Central Area Qualifier this past weekend in Richwoods, MO. However, Mother Nature has a way of helping all her moto creatures. She tests the will and passion of Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship hopefuls just as when they feel comfortable. Mother Nature is not responsible for our miseries; rather she is to blame for our grit, mental toughness, and valor. These are qualities we can’t live without before going into battle and were clearly displayed throughout the day on Saturday. As raindrops ricocheted off umbrellas and pop-up tents, sounding like muffled applause, Mother Nature was clapping, impressed by the determination of the athletes and crew for surviving Her wrath.

Here are images from Saturday's races. All photos from the day will be available for purchase on our online store site. CLICK RIGHT HERE.


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